PALLOTTA S.p.A. is hierarchically divided into two levels. On the head there is the central administrative structure, which has its headquarters in Terni (TR), Italy, in Pacinotti road; form here the activities of the second level are administrated.
The second level consists of three main productive branches and the R&D sector, those realities are organized as follows:

  1.  The set of building sites oriented to refractory maintenance, demolition, substitution and refractory global service for the steel indurtry ThyssenKrupp-AST in Terni (TR), Italy.
  2. The productive facilities for monolithic preshaped refractory components, base in Montoggio (GE), Italy.
  3. The Civil and Industrial construction activities, with several construction sites in Italy.

The previous realities show great elasticity and it’s possible to open temporary construction site all over Italy and abroad in order to ensure the best service and result to the client.

  1. In the end a R&D team oriented to Innovation is connected to the three productive activities so to offer a continuous scientific and technical support in every kind of situation.